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Open Air Market - Events space - Park Entrance

By Jesse Haug

For many of our neighbors, Swede Hollow Park is the beautiful heart of our neighborhood. The land bordering the park should be considered a valuable community asset and as such allowing greater access and opportunities for community gatherings should be prioritized whenever and wherever possible.

An Open Air Market and Events space could provide economic opportunities, create valuable public space, and blend seamlessly with a nature overlook and a new sloping Park entrance connecting to the intersection of paths just bellow.

Such a location could host an assortment of events such as:

-Farmers Market
-Arts & Crafts fairs
-Antique, Vintage, and Collectable shows
-Neighborhood Garage sales & Swap meets
-Music & Cultural festivals
-Community picnics
-And much more!

This concept could start small with what the site already provides, and also allow for scalable growth in the future:

-Tents & Booths on the weekends with the property as-is
-New blacktop would allow for greater usability and help local businesses during off times
-Pavilion along the border of Swede Hollow Park would offer shelter from the elements and could also be incorporated into a new Park entrance
-Expanding the Pavilion to encompass the property would accommodate more vendors, larger events, and create a grassy community gathering space in the center for picnics and games.


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