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Stephen Lonetti

By Stephen Lonetti

I am a local pastor. My idea is to use this location, in close proximity to Metro U, to address the devastating opioid problem in the city/country. But rather than just becoming another outreach to troubled people, make it a life training center that not only addresses dealing with addictions, but also teaches life skills (personal budget, communication skills, balancing a check book, how to purchase a home, cooking nutritional meals, parenting skills, addressing marital stress, etc.) Addiction can and often is related to a sense of hopelessness and not knowing how to handle simple life skills can easily lead to depression. Self medicating the depression seems to be a common way in dealing with the problems. It would be good to team up with faith based organizations as well as community leaders that are capable of teaching life skills. Metro is across the street and it would be great for them to give back to the community in which they leave such a foot print (I know they already do a lot, but this is one more thing they could engage in with the community.)


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378 Maria Ave
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