Hoodstarter Fills Vacant Spaces

Power To The People

Hoodstarter uses the power of the crowd to help fill vacant properties faster and with businesses that will last.

With Hoodstarter, community members are given the chance to suggest what should move in to vacant spaces. Empowered with this crowdsourced data, entrepreneurs and commercial real estate professionals can help make it happen.

When you share ideas and vote at Hoodstarter, you help make your community attractive to potential business owners. The more ideas and votes associated with a specific location, the more likely a new business will find your neighborhood a friendly place to locate, and the more likely your neighborhood will get exactly what it wants.

Here’s how to get started


Add a vacant space

Tired of walking past that vacant building down the block? Post it on Hoodstarter and tell your community what you think should move in.


Explore empty spaces

Your neighbors and the Hoodstarter team are posting new properties all the time. Visit often to share what you think should move in and to vote on the best ideas.


Help find the right business

Hoodstarter works with local business groups and neighborhood associations to fill empty spaces, but our true power comes from neighbors like you.


Open up shop

Find the home for your new or growing business on Hoodstarter. We'll help you get connected with the broker or property owner and position you for success.

Are you a city looking to engage your community?

​Use Hoodstarter in your city.

Show the community you're listening and meet them online where residents are already are talking. Community meetings are great way to capture a few opinions (from those who can attend), but with our crowdsourcing platform, you can get insights from the community like never before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a space without adding an idea? Of course. Out walking your dog and see an empty storefront? Add it. Then come back later and share your best ideas.

What kinds of spaces can I add? You can add any empty commercial space big or small that you would love to see filled with a thriving business.

What kinds of ideas can I propose? Anything you want. What’s your vision for your hood? What do you want down the street?

Ok, I added an idea. What happens next? Sometimes ideas need a little push to get moving. Get your friends and neighbors to vote for your idea by sharing it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, post it to your neighborhood forum, and tell your neighborhood association. The more votes you get, the more likely your idea will become reality.

Can I propose and vote for ideas in neighborhoods where I don’t live? Definitely. You’re invested in many different communities. Hoodstarter helps you shape all of them.

How does the best idea get selected? It’s democracy on the internet – some people call it crowdsourcing. But we wouldn’t discourage you from lobbying your neighbors from a park bench.

How many votes does it take to win? That depends. The more votes an idea gets, the more likely an entrepreneur or small business owner will see it and find your business attractive. It might take 10 or it might take 100. You can help your idea win by sharing it on social media and helping to find businesses that might want to move to your neighborhood.Remember, not every idea with the most votes will end up moving into a property, but like Kevin Costner once said “If you build it, they will come.” In this case, it’s votes instead of baseball diamonds.

What do I get out of all of this? An improved community! We can't guarantee your idea will move in nearby, but more votes from the hood shows property owners, bankers, politicos, and entrepreneurs that a community will likely be future customers.

I’m not foolish enough to live in the Twin Cities. When will Hoodstarter be available in my area? Soonishly. We’re launching Hoodstarter in our hometown, the Twin Cities, and hope to have it in more cities soon. Want us to come to your hood? Drop us a line at howdy@hoodstarter.com